What Do Pipe Inspection Camera Systems Do?

Thanks to technology and cameras, the ability to diagnose virtually any type of plumbing problem in our homes has vastly improved. One type of technology that has been of a great benefit to plumbers everywhere is video inspection. This shows that plumbers no longer have to depend on either simple guesswork or experience to determine exactly what may be taking place inside their pipes. Thanks to plumbing camera inspections, everyone will be able to see exactly what’s taking place.

How Does This Process Work?

Simply put, this process works by feeding a flexible rod into a pipe. This rod has a high-resolution sewer push camera on the end of it. During its journey, the camera on the end of the rod records everything that’s happening inside on video. This enables the homeowner to take a look at everything that’s going on, as well as see why a plumbing professional is making specific recommendations and suggestions. It will also help the homeowner effectively deal with any issues that may be currently taking place, as well as prevent any new ones from happening down the line.

What Issues Can Be Detected?

A video inspection and robotic crawler pipe inspection system is extremely useful because of the many types of problems it helps to detect that would usually go undetected. These issues include the following:

*Sections of pipe that are cracked/damaged
*Tree root penetration
*Debris that has accumulated
*Joints that aren’t fitted properly

This kind of inspection will also check that a service that you had previously paid for was performed correctly, as there may be a blockage or debris left over in a pipe if this isn’t the case.

Why Should I Have This Type of Inspection?

If you’re someone who’s purchasing a new home, it’s a good idea to hire a plumbing professional that offers a plumbing camera inspection. A normal home inspection definitely won’t go as deep as this kind of inspection will. This kind of inspection will enable you to detect issues both big and small before you make any commitment to purchase the home. Furthermore, you should also consider this type of inspection if you’re dealing with an issue such as a backed-up toilet or sink that isn’t able to be fixed with a normal unclogging method.

All in all, whenever you’re able to see any plumbing issue before it starts to get way out of control, not only will you be able to prevent damage to your drains and pipes, but you’ll also be working to save yourself a great deal of money as well.

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