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HVAC Direct Air Conditioner Units

HVAC Direct has some of the most reliable and dependable air conditioning units in the industry. All of the products that they offer are high performance, energy efficient units. Everyone likes to stay cool in the summer months, but at the same time we hold off putting on the air conditioning because we are afraid of our electric bills being too high. With HVAC Direct Air Conditioners, you can stay cool and save money. HVAC Direct offers the lowest prices in the industry with the best warranties in the business. HVAC Direct offers three different styles of Air Conditioner Units, the Portable Air Conditioners, the Packaged Air Conditioners and the Direct Split System Air Conditioners.

Which class you choose from is up to you, it will depend on whether you are looking to cool off the entire house or just room by room. Though each class of air conditioners are energy efficient and designed to start saving you money right away. Let’s start with the Portable Air Conditioners; these units are air conditioners that you can move from room to room. These units are not window units, but air conditioners that can be installed into a room and if you want to change to another room, it can be installed in or uninstalled in seconds.

The Portable Units are powerful, high quality air conditioners that offer Washable Filters for easy maintenance, Heat Pump or PTC Heater, a Dehumidifier and a quality Ventilation System. You can use these units in any home, apartment, sunroom, guesthouse, hotel, restaurant or any place else that has a need for cooling off. The applications are endless with the HVAC Direct Portable Air Conditioner Units.

The Packaged Air Conditioner Units from HVAC Direct are reliable and are built to last. These units range in different sizes, they start from 24,000 BTU’s to 59,000 BTU’s. These units come complete with everything that you need to get cool right away. The units come with a condenser, compressor and evaporator. These units are great for commercial as well as residential applications. These models are energy efficient as well; they start at a SEER rating of 13.

The HVAC Direct Split System Air Conditioners are also available in many different sizes, depending on how much room you have will depend on which unit you will need. These units are available in 1.5 Tons to 5 Ton Units. Each air conditioner uses the required R-410A refrigerant. These units are environmentally friendly, contain quality components and are energy efficient. These units all have a 10 Year Limited Parts Warranty. Make sure that you read all of the warranty information. You have 60 days to register your air conditioner from the date of installation for your warranty to be valid.


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