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Steps to take when your AC breaks down

In areas which receive seasonal cold and hot temperatures, having an air conditioner is of great importance to regulate the temperatures in your home. This makes your home comfortable and lively to live in unlike when you don’t have an AC unit. Air conditioners break down often because they run for long periods of time. If you have seniors or children in your home, you should make sure that your air conditioner is running normally because it could be disastrous as the two are prone to extreme temperatures.
Unfortunately, most AC repair companies have numerous calls during hot days, and therefore, it may be difficult to get your AC fixed quickly.

There are two ways in which you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down:

a) Have regular inspections of your AC: during cold months when repair companies have fewer calls, you should have your AC unit inspected to make sure that it is running efficiently. Therefore, you should have a contractor should inspect your AC on April, May or even early June before it gets really hot in June, July, and August.

b) Sign up a maintenance contract: You should have a regular maintenance program of your AC unit to make sure that all its components are effective. Another advantage of having maintenance services is because you will get priority in a busy season in case your AC unit breaks down. An air conditioner which is maintained regularly lasts longer and operates at an optimum because it has been repaired and it’s running effectively.

You are supposed to do the following when your AC breaks down:

• Even though regular inspections and maintenance will help your unit run smoothly and longer, it may not prevent your AC unit from breaking down. If your unit has a problem, you should do the following:

• Joe Sullivan of HVAC Victoria BC told us “The first step you should take is to get the model number as well as the serial number of both the indoor and outdoor unit because you may need them when contacting your manufacturer. You can easily find these numbers on a sticker which is found around the back of the unit.”

• Find an AC repair company which works with the specific model of your air conditioner. Different models may have slight differences making some repairers specialists with some models only and not with every type of air conditioner. It is important to have model and serial numbers when reaching for an AC repair company because they may inquire for the same to know what they are dealing with.

• Get local reviews of the company you are looking at from homeowners who live in your locality. Since we are in a technology era, you can check there reviews online from different sites e.g. Google, Angie’s list, etc. Alternatively, you can check for testimonials from the company’s website, some contractors even have twitter.
• Your contractor should give you an accurate quote for the repair or replacement. Basing the quote with the needs and skills applied, the contractor should be able to give you a quote to help you decide whether to continue getting the services or not.

• Check whether your system has a warranty. You should check if your nit has a warranty because it can save you a lot of money which you could have paid for the repair of your unit.

• You should get all the information you can have on rebates, coupons, and tax credits. This will help you know how much you should pay for repair services.

How to keep cool even when the AC breaks down

Here are some few tips you can use as you wait for an AC company to fix your unit:

• You should keep your windows closed during the day to keep as much heat as possible out of the house. The shades, blinds, and drapes should also be closed during the day when the sun is shining and opened at night to allow a cool breeze to blow into your house.

• You should use your fans to regulate the temperature. Of importance here is to use the fan wisely because it does not lower the temperature at all but it helps to create a breeze which cools your house. Therefore, you should turn them off if you are not using them to save energy.

• Limit the use of appliances and devices which emit heat. Here, you should use appliances which do not produce a lot of heat to limit the amount of heat produced in the house. For example, you should turn off the lights if you’re not using them, avoid washing and drying of clothes using machines and cook using a grill instead of an oven or a stove.

• You should insulate your house walls and ceiling using and insulator to keep the air cool during summer while still preventing the heat from leaking through your walls or ceilings.

• Afforestation is another long-term solution to this problem because the plants will provide a cool climate around your home. You should choose deciduous trees because they can help you keep the heat out during summer because they have a lot of leaves while still, they won’t block the sun rays during winter because they shed their leaves off.

• When your AC unit is faulty during summer, you should spend most of the time outside playing, swimming, watching movies and doing everything outside your house while still getting your AC unit fixed by a professional.

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